Casino Game Analysis: Zeus’s Ancient Fortunes

At one point in history, Zeus was in charge, ruling from atop Mount Olympus and raining down lightning on unsuspecting humans below. Thankfully, the wrathful God lived only a short time and is now rarely mentioned outside of Greek mythological texts. However, that doesn’t exclude Zeus from existing in the modern era in the form of an online slot game.

Microgaming, a legendary software provider, created the slot machine classic Ancient Fortunes: Zeus. The game has stunning visuals, fun bonus features, and Zeus, who is showing off a rather impressive six pack.

There are 10 fixed paylines and 5 reels in all, with an RTP of 96.02%. Not like in regular online slots, though; these reels won’t be moving around. They will be raining down from the sky. The Rolling Reels technology is used, so the reels don’t actually spin but rather the symbols rain down onto them from above. If they’re the same, they disappear and make room for new symbols to fill the void. If you haven’t guessed it already, this means that it’s possible to win numerous times in a single game.

The wheels keep on turning

Zeus, recognizable by his massive, majestic beard and luminous eyes, is the central figure in this online slots game. Hermes, Ares, Poseidon, and Dionysus all stand with him. Each of the gods looks exactly like they were carved from stone, which is a fantastic visual effect that works wonderfully with the theme. If you think that’s cool, just wait till Zeus appears on the reels during the bonus round.

Rolling Reels is an innovative take on the traditional slot machine. It maintains a lively, exciting, and potentially lucrative atmosphere. After all, a high return on investment is seen in repeated victories. However, Ancient Fortunes: Zeus revs up the concept of Rolling Reels to eleven. In this game, the multiplier increases after each successive win. A multiplier indicator appears above the reels and increases in real time as players rack up wins. For a third win in a row, the multiplier increases from 1x to 7x.

Thunderous Victory

All of this makes it one of the more interesting Rolling Reels slots. However, that’s not all. The Free Falls option really amps things up. Scatter wins are triggered when the lightning bolt icon appears three times in a single spin.

Zeus will come back at that time and give out 10 free falls. However, the sharp-eyed among you will spot a minor variation. The gauge’s multiplier has shifted, evolving into a more valuable form. There are now opportunities to win substantial sums thanks to multipliers of 7x, 11x, and 21x.

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is unlike any other traditional online slot machine. The basic yet intriguing gameplay are a welcome contrast to the complex Greek Aesthetic design.

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