What Do They Offer You?

All Butterfly Amicus robots are not difficult to convey and set-up – they connect securely to one finish of the table. Amicus robots can send up to 120 balls each moment. They likewise have three heads permitting them to convey variable measures of topspin, reverse-pivot, sidespin and no twist. You can likewise change the level of the robot head. These are top quality robots that truly stand apart from the others on special.

The Amicus series permits balls with no twist – which is a decent expansion. Not all robots can give no twist balls. You are additionally ready to control how much twist – which isn’t a choice in that frame of mind out there.

Another component that I truly like is the arbitrary capability. It implies you can set the robot to convey balls arbitrarily over the table. Playing with a robot and doing heaps of customary examples can make you a piece unsurprising and less ready to conform to shock situations. This irregular setting ought to assist a ton with resolving that issue.

I’m satisfied to say that all Butterfly Amicus table tennis robot function admirably with both the old celluloid 40mm balls and the new plastic 40+ ones. For some time, I realize a ton of players were concerned that the new balls wouldn’t work in that frame of mind because of the little expansion in size – yet they do. You can peruse our ball audits here.

In conclusion, all Amicus Robots accompany a pack to convey it in and just weigh 6kg.


With such extreme contrasts in value, you can anticipate that there should be a lot of distinction in what every robot can really do. Here are the things that stand apart the most between the Essential, Advance, and Expert.

Getting the Amicus Essential versus the Development or Expert

The greatest distinction between the Amicus Fundamental to the next two robots is the capacity to pre-program and save complex drills. This implies you can save a portion of the most loved drills into the PC and afterward effectively change starting with one then onto the next during your instructional course.

With the Amicus Essential, you will not have this choice. Is paying an extra $400 for this component worth the effort? We suspect as much. The capacity to store penetrates and move from one to the next effortlessly will make preparing simpler and quicker.

The Expert has three critical redesigns from the Development

The primary redesign is an expansion in the quantity of balls per practice from 6 to 8. This could be helpful if you especially have any desire to rehearse drill that requires in excess of six balls. However, more often than not we figure six will be sufficient.

The second is extra memory space from 22 activities to 99. This will be great to program into your robot. However, once more, we feel like 22 is a lot for the vast majority.

The third overhaul is very cool. The bunch highlight permits you to play up to ten saved practices in a grouping. Despite the fact that, we don’t know whether it is truly worth burning through $300 more.

The Sticker price

The distinctions in the cost of the Amicus Essential, Amicus Advance, and Amicus Proficient is very huge. The Fundamental is $1,259.99, the Development is $1,699.00, and the Expert is $1,999.00. Spending the extra $300 to move up to the Development is worth the effort however we think the following $300 jump to get the Expert isn’t.

Which Robot Would it be advisable for me to Purchase?

You ought to go for the Amicus Advance. Saving an extra $300 merits the stand by as the capacity to save penetrates and play them at whatever point you need is a choice you will truly need, and appreciate.

Then again, burning through $300 more and getting the Amicus Proficient isn’t exactly worth the effort. The capacity to save 22 drills ought to be sufficient. Having 99 drills saved is needless excess and we don’t think you’ll have the option to utilize each of the extra saved drills as effectively. Likewise, having 8 balls for each drill when contrasted with 6 isn’t an issue. 6 balls for each drill is all that could possibly be needed to get adequate practice.

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